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21 de nov. de 2012

So, today is my birthday. I'm not gonna lie, I'm disturbed about it, as usual. It happens every single year... Same old story. I didn't do much today either. Just watched Haven on the TV and I spotted my old crush Edge (and his new hairdo) - who started to act in TV series after retiring from his wrestling life in WWE. After Haven, I couldn't get him out of my mind, 

A little later, I started fooling around playing some songs on the guitar and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John was one of them. So I kinda put some words about Edge together and did a "parody/version" of this song.

To be honest, it turned out very, very lame, of course. It took me like five minutes to "write" it, but I want to post it here to share this memory from my birthday. So you can try reading it while singing to the tune, but some parts may not match very well...hahaha! Sorry!

Goodbye yellow golden hair

When are you going to SmackDown?
When are you gonna come back?
You should stay in the ring now
You shouldn’t break your own neck
You know you could spear Cena forever.

I didn’t agree with you
Without your presence, for your friends is over
This boy is too young to be leaving so soon.

So goodbye yellow golden hair
In Haven you will like it there
You can’t beat every troubled gal
But you may give’em a knock out.

Back to the city that is not in the map
Sweeping the mess away  in a sec
Oh, you have finally made a new start there
letting go your last individual golden hair.

What do you think you’ll do then?
I bet you will spear Duke someday
It will take Vince a couple of vodka and tonics
To find another Bullet Magnet again
Maybe you won’t get a replacement
There is not plenty like you to be found
Wrestlers fearless to do it all
Or easily break Jericho’s wall.

So goodbye yellow golden hair...