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23 de dez. de 2011


Lenny goes to the library
Every rainy or sunny day
But all the books he grabs
Can’t stand them anyway.

Catches a glimpse on Tolstoy
Dostoyevsky's so boring
Kafka is not the real deal
To waste all his morning.

Cheer up a bit, Schopenhauer
Hitler I don’t go beyond the cover
Why such a liar, John Smith?
These people are making me over.

All he wants is to catch
The lib assistant’s eye
Trying to impress her
On how his IQ is high.

For hours pretends to read
The hard to spell Nietzsche
When he’s thinking of her
And dreaming of the beach.

She’s more of bodies than brains
But If only the poor guy knew
He would trade paper for waves
And cut off his reading curfew.


The news were uncertain
All the flood overbearing
We knew the tension arising
When you weren’t leaving.

A hope to see you emerge
Alive all safe and sound
Crushed by hurricane reality
Wasn’t how you were found.

Katrinas's a bitching water lady
For destroying most of the fun
Splashing things to the ground
Like the house of the Rising Sun.

Old bro joined the walk
On the floor of heaven
To show a bright side
Instead of the craven.

The Tree of Life now fulfilled
With your spirits around
New Orleans is merry again
With you two housebound.


Everybody’s getting ready
For the great coming wed
Skinny and blonde Barbie Girl
Knocking ties with a GI Joe.

Ken who? Bob who?
The hell with these two.
Marrying in the soft sand
her new fiancée friend.

Life is not always a glory day
Since she gave her Ferrari away
Newly-weds GI Joe and Barbie
Ridding only their old Herbie.

A baby may come next
Everything moves fast
Barbie life isn’t a bitch
Tho she’s no longer rich.


My surf is no good
My board is so weak
She can barely stand me
Up doing some trick.

I feed her though
With a cheap wax
Same with my Woody
And its lousy gas.

They can’t complain
Can’t also get a digest
I should feed them
Just with the best.

So I was told and
That’s how it should be
If only I could rely on
A growing money tree.


The new lad in town
Maybe still in his teens
Passing by so confident
Wearing new blue jeans.

Get in his potent wehicle
Bursting out off the track
Cruising down the freeway
Speeding just like a wack.

With all that noise he does
The girls wonder curious
To where is that rebel going
Why does he drag so furious?

He then goes home
So no Hot Rod race
Just a young wife
And a kid to raise.


An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
This is not the place
To find some smooth.

You’re alone in a crowd
The competition is cruel
You can’t trust any wave
They ask you to go through.

Bumping in the night
While others slumber
Sleepwalk on your board
Like a dim wave hunger.

My new baby! :)