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12 de nov. de 2008


I’m so afraid of the dark.
My light will stay on at night.
I don’t want to see a ghoul,
Or face the Boogeyman in a fight.

I quit wetting my pants,
But fears still lead me nuts.
I wish I could be like you:
Full of nerve – full of guts.

I hate Bozo the Clown.
I don’t like any kind of ghost.
I’m also scared of Dracula.
He’s the one I fear the most.

I can no longer hit my wild surf
Nothing guarantee when I look
That I won’t see a bad mermaid
Or find the angry Captain Hook

Just like thousands of children
I fear each monster I’ve been told.
But kids have an advantage on me,
Because I’m a forty years old.


I was almost forgetting
Paddling in a new division
I was finally heading
A place out of vision.

Today I spent my day
At the haunted beach
Surfing with some gay -
Ghost tied at my leash.

The water was gone
I saw blood and fires
I wasn’t surfing alone
I was among vampires.

The scariest place I’ve been
When later I understood
That was more of a dream
Than a real neighborhood.