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21 de nov. de 2008


Surfing Santa wanted a swell
But he needed to ring his bell
And give candies to the kids
Wearing his red hot outfits.

He dreamed about a surfboard
To quit surfing only in his floor
Lots of them the elks built
But Santa gave them as a gift.

To some new kids on the block
Newborn surfers wannabe
Searching for a wavy spot
In the mysterious salty-sea.

He stares at the sea at Christmas time
Some say he thinks he’s in his prime
But he knows he has no chance to go
So he just smiled saying ho-ho-ho.


Dave, the slow kid
He was the one
Who couldn’t lead
Who couldn’t run.

The other kids go so fast
Now hurry up, little Dave
It’s time to try your best
Don’t loose another wave.

When he reaches the sea
All the waves were taken
But he just let them be
The cause is well forsaken.

So like that Jack, Dave
Be nimble, Dave be quick
Dave, go and find a wave
At some different peak. 


Storm clouds begum to loom,

When the boy was surfing out,
He knew he would leave soon,
So to finish he had to pull out.

Too bad cause he was excited.

He’s surfing was off the wall.
He didn’t do anything wrong,
Rode the heavies and didn’t fall.

But then he saw the storming,

And had to run away like crazy,
Anything to avoid a drowning,
or a sand facial on the surface.

He didn’t expect this weather change,

All of the suddenly during his records,
So now before leaving home in a rage,
He will start to hear the surf reports.


I got it bad
For a cute guy
But he has a girl
And I’m too shy.

He went to the beach
Brought up his chick
They are so annoying
They make me sick.

They went right into
My special surf spot
I can’t prove I saw it
Very first than they got.

I had to gave up
On my favorite sport
I’ll find something else
From a different sort.

I can’t show up
Can’t come about
Tandem’s company
Three’s a crowd.


The dog stopped barking
When the sun came in
But now is too late
I didn't sleep a thing.

Now I can't hit the surf

Can't park my Woodie as well
I need a new spot to ride
Somewhere near the swell.

The contest has just begun

Many people came to see it
My rivals think it is all for fun
I'm so groovy that I can't dig it.

I wiped out so many times

Like I never did before
I pledge I'd never curse a wave
But today I did it twice or more.

Maybe I need to learn how to lose

I was being a baby, let's face it
There's a lot of kid's games to choose
Next time you'll see me in a drag race.


Standing right there
On the lost highway
Turning some pages
Of an old Hemingway.

The words are messed
No old man and no seafishing
No big mako shark
In anywhere to be seen.

A feeling of boredom I own
There's something I crave
To spend my summertime
Riding a generous wave.

It doesn't really matter now
What can I do if I'm lonely?
People, they cannot see it
And think I'm just a looney.