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1 de out. de 2008


Teacher must punish-they say
The one who cheats in a test
But I wasn’t doing it today
Maybe I would in the next.

I was late for the surf contest
Guys were already at the beach
But I had to finish that test
My teacher was such a bitch.

The sound of silence took so long.
Soundtrack during our exam
Not a Simon & Garfunkel song
God, I thought I was a dead man.

Then out of the blue
My cell phone was ringing
I listened to its tune
I was just about to be singing.

Teacher stared mad at me
As soon as she saw its screen
I stood firm as I should be
But she didn’t stop to scream.

I got a zero and that was so weird.
I didn’t do anything, can’t she see?
But why a Clapeyron’s form appeared
Definitely is still a mystery to me.


I was hitting the wave
When my mates were studying
I tubed inside the wave
While math exam was running.

Sand still in my head
When I flew to the school.
A board instead of my bag
Huarachi in my feet too.

I had nothing in my hand
My teacher got so mad
Because I was lending a pen
So she called up my dad.

Now I don’t need a board
For being a counter-hodad
I’m stuck in my room
Surfing only in my bed.