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16 de set. de 2008

A boy and a girl mate,
Hanging on the beach,
Is such a kind of date,
In a nice place to meet.

They are holding hands.
Walking on the sand.
More than two friends,
In the surfing land.

All dressed up for surf,
wet suit, sunglass, hat-
And all kinds of stuff.
But the best part comes fast.

Boy and girl will surf tandem,
The best way to this sort of boy,
Spending with his innocent maiden,
Showing her nothing but joy.

Could a love grows somehow,
Under that warm California sun.
Even if the boy knows by now,
The girl is just his summer fun.


I wanted to go to Hawaii
Best waves from the globe
That's the very reason why
Guess I'm becoming snob.

Hawaiian sufers there
They just can't stand
Tourist from anywhere
Visiting their island.

They don't want you there
They do real surf, not pose
They are shooting the pier
They are walking the nose.

But I really don't want
These guys to compete
They are so pleasant
My heart skips a beat.

Maybe I'll forget for a sec
That I'm here in a surf land
Try to get a Hawaiian back
To walk with along the sand.


There was a young hodad,
Messing up with his head,
Cruising on the coastline,
Searching for a pipeline.

Pretending he was a good one,
A surfer boy looking for fun.
Everybody’s staring right at him,
If he fails, people are mean.

He found a meatball flag,
And said “what a drag”,
No use to his brand new red log.
The one he’d traded for his dog.

But he was happy inside,
If he could, he would hide.
Didn’t want to get in the water,
Wanted people stopping to bother.


I'll shout Cowabunga
On the moon
Got a feeling I’ll do it
Someday soon.

I left the Earth.
Landed from my Apollo
I started to explore
This crater is so hollow.

Since I got here
Feel so hot and hot
Gotta find indeed
A cooler spot.

To step on my board
And then I’ll hit this place
No one could tell you
I’d be surfing in the space.