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23 de set. de 2008

What a lovely sweet family,
Singing a beautiful melody,
While walking along the bridge,
Sounding better than the Partridge.

Baby Susan, Barry and John,
Cuteness element in each song.
Big Billy, Paul and also Bob,
A lot of talent along mommy Barb.

Surfing in the sunny California,
This group is going to warm ya,
Kind of hippie, a nice one,
Bros, sis and even the mom.

How long time will you take,
To rent a canoe at Indian Lake?
Singing this tune with the band,
Enjoying this countryside land.

Jogging before getting dark,
Catching flowers in the park,
Under the rain and other things,
Wondering what the new day brings.

These young babies had grown,
Childhood never lasts too long.
But to know how does it feels,
You just listen to the Cowsills.

* Me and a not that baby anymore John Cowsill.

* Me and Bob Cowsill. And then he sings The rain the park and other things (Flower girl)