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22 de ago. de 2008

So, I'm going to start posting some of my surf poems here. They are just some experiments from my book "Don't back down from that wave". Not a pro in any circunstances and not planning to be one. Add to that, the fact that I'm not even a native speaker.


The newest kid around
He was being wish-wash
While everybody is humble
He thinks he's a top-notch.

Sees the boys starting out
And wants to surf together
But doesn't want a wetsuit
Just prefers to wear leather.

Sometimes gives up about surf
Because just wants to join a band
But then forgets it on the way
To the next hamburger stand.

Tired of surfing or singing
He digs to ride a motorcycle
Sometimes goes very slowly
And times drives like a psycho.

This boy thinks he can do it all
Because he's such an ambivalent
But this thought just shows how
He's so naïve and kinda innocent.


The wind was so strong
It turned down my boat
The weather was wrong
Hot water, sun was cold.

The fish were all flying
Right above of my head.
The birds might be diving
I could feel their breath.

I caught a little star
So I made a wish
Believe me this far
It wasn’t a star-fish.

I got a shark aid
To reach the sand
That was my wreckage
You don’t understand.

People just didn’t care
Next time I want some panic
I’ll make up something fair
Right after watching Titanic.


When the day woke up
My friend sun was so hot
We're done with the rain
Because we had it a lot.

The contest was up
I was so confused
While the other kids
They looked amused.

How can they easily do it
After almost thirty days
Of stormy rainy nights --
Morning whitout sunrays.

All the feeling I had
I lost in four weeks.
Now I hear people saying
Surf is not "for weaks".