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25 de ago. de 2008


Let’s go to “La playa”
Bring your “sombrero de paja”
There’s a great “chili” blistering sun
You won’t leave there without a tan.

Listen to a background mariachi sound
Where else that you’ll ever found?
You mix cocktail and coconut water,
And the music starts to get louder.

Surfing in Mexican soil,
Trade your wax for same oil.
Put it on your enemy’s board
Hope he’s a good man to his lord.

There’s a note saying "danger"
And you want to stay a little more
But when you get a shark encounter
It will be useless to say “por favor”.

In the moment of the sunset
About your plane you’ll forget
“Buenas” waves you rode in opened sea
I bet you are doing the same right in.

If one hears the noise of a huge freak
Now he won’t be scary
Because it’s just you making a trick
Inside a Mexican shark’s belly.


I'm nobody's child
I came from nowhere
I'm still looking for
A wave to conquer.

Ocean is my father
Nature is my mom
Just look and see it
I'm always at home.

I'm not what you think
Don't feel sorry for me
Life is the toy I play with
I'm as rich as I can be.


If I could ride
The airplane wing
I would feel like
A surfer king.

Cloudy day jumping
Hold on my hand
The next one tumbling
No one can stand.

If you come with me
That would be killing
I’ll do the hard work
And you’ll be chilling.

Practicing tandem surf
Just right up in the sky
You look people down
Waving them good-bye.